Forest Gardens

Yearning for a life aligned with the earth, we stepped out of mainstream society and into the forest to re-learn what it means to live in harmony with each other and the land.

Our vision is to live in balance with the earth and at peace with ourselves and each other.

Our primary goal is to learn how to live with the land in ways that provide for our needs while increasing the health, resilience, and function of the surrounding ecosystem and human community.

Our secondary goal is to facilitate, educate, and empower people to create resilient relocalization and cultural and ecological regeneration in their own lives and communities.

Our practices include permaculture design, 8shields, regenerative agriculture, keyline design, agroforestry, holistic management, the soil food web, ecosystem-based conservation planning and a whole bunch of trial and error.

Hidden among the trees of the West Coast of British Columbia, we invite you to join us on this journey into land stewardship and community building!