Forever MicroRanch

Forever MicroRanch: A Community Leaving Project is a diverse collection of human folk and nonhuman residents, acting together as co-citizens, who believe that farmed animal, environmental and human justice promotes health and quality of life for all.

We understand that our wellbeing as a community is directly connected to the kindness, compassion and respect we extend to nonhuman animals, humans and our natural environment, and we are dedicated to promoting a space of safety and comfort for all, here at Forever MicroRanch (FMR).

FMR’s permanent resident farmed animals are an integral focus to our social justice work, with whom relational ways of being are explored and lived within a multi-species community. As members of this community model, we are committed to pursuing and advocating for a path of least harm toward all nonhumans, humans and the environment, which includes continual cooperative discovery and incorporation of accessible, attainable strategies to live as compassionately and sustainably as possible.