Hearthstone Village

We are a group of folks who started meeting together in 2015. We have been meeting as a whole group bi-monthly since then (plus smaller circle meetings). In December 2018 we received accepted offers on two different pieces of land – one in the city of Powell River, one in the rural qathet regional district). The rural property is Hearthstone Village and we will be moving on site in January of 2019. The property is 40 acres of riverfront about 20 minutes south of Powell River. There is some housing on site all ready (a 4000+ sq. ft. common house) and a couple cabins. We will continue to add to this amazing place…


Hearthstone Village Cooperative is a multigenerational community living, learning and working in close connection to each other, the land, and all beings in a village way of life. We share our material, social and spiritual riches and collectively celebrate and honour life’s mysterious journey.

We are creating a village by collectively sharing land that provides sustainable housing, community facilities and food security in a beautiful setting for a diverse group of families.


  • To create healthy and sustainable dwellings  and community facilities that meet the needs of community members.
  • To create a safe, respectful and inclusive environment in which we can live, work and play.
  • To strengthen our resilience by growing food, sharing resources and supporting each other.
  • To create a functional, beautiful and sustainable living environment through intentional design.
  • To foster relationships that encourage learning, mentoring, cooperation and celebration.
  • To use a system of governance and decision making that is participatory, equitable, effective and transparent.