Le Manoir

It supplies shelter (one shared house) and healthy and responsible food (mainly grown on-site) to its members. It offers its members a different social environment to experiment with new ways to live together and to develop their full potential while having an impact on their extended community. The vision we have for le Manoir community is a balance of the following 5 principles: – Human relationship – Social Justice – Nature – Autonomy – Openness

Community Description

Le Manoir is an income-sharing intentional community project. It aims food and energy sovereignty and plans to be fossil fuel-free on a horizon of 20 years. It is based on egalitarian, anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian, feminist and activist values. As so, it is meant to be an active member of its larger community. In concrete terms, le Manoir consists of one residence, large enough to host a minimum of 12 permanent members. This collective living space allows for sharing and practicing a healthy and enriching way of life that sustains each member’s well-being and thriving and thus life in general. Inspired by principles of permaculture, radical simplicity, non-violent communication, and anarchist practices and theories, this space is one of experimentation. Le Manoir community plans to settle on a piece of land in rural Quebec by 2016. We have a land, soon in common. We also have an organic farm on the land. We are eager to share any information we might have, or answer any question you might have. Please visit our website for more information.