Myriad Village Marketing Co-op Ltd.

Myriad Village is a place of vision and of growth. This land is 320 acres, only 1 hour from Winnipeg, 20 minutes west of Gimli, and within walking distance to Dennis Lake.

This location is well suited to avoid any major floods. There is approximately 60 acres of forested land including oak bluffs and poplar stands; mixed in the landscape are vast hazel standings and chains of wetlands and willow. Boulders piled up by farmers of the past make playful piles of opportunity, while the neighbours cattle left large dumps to avoid stepping in. That is not to say our property is not a vastly beautiful place teaming with life. We spotted our neighbor the beaver, with an impressive den in the middle of the pond. Falcons screeching their ancient song, and the tracks of elk, coyotes and grouse. Dennis Lake is teaming with bird life, from red-winged blackbirds to cranes. Our human activities hope to harmoniously meld with the wildife.

We have taken minutes at each of our meetings dating back to March 2015 and after our first year of membership in 2016, we passed our foundational by-laws. Since then we have begun building foundations such as composting, biodynamic organic gardens, humanure outhouse, solar systems, an earthship home, material storage, swimming hole, & a waterhouse for laundry and to pump from the well.

As a marketing co-op, members have individual businesses, some of which are affiliated with the land. We are from all walks of life, including singles & families with kids. We are associated with Sustainable Building MB & the Community Economic Development Network.

Check out our website to know about details and updates to our community!