One Planet Valley

This community proposes to become as a field site for cultural redesign. Based on the Ecological Footprint, One Planet Valley members will focus on living a one planet lifestyle that may be evaluated for research. Those aware of and perhaps having lived in other eco-villages,  and other self-motivated individuals will bring what they learn and know on sustainable living. A strategic start number will be twelve members. Learning and individual research is encouraged. An organized members list will be drawn up to become a social media community prior to swarm date. A tentative target date to swarm / congregate in the valley is the spring of 2022. The Creston Valley location has been strategically selected based on local food production, local and provincial politics, a low climate change risk and distance from major urban areas. The town of Creston has a population of about 5000 and the surrounding valley another 10,000. The location also falls within the Cascadia bioregion and speculated political region which may have future potential.