TerraVie is a non-profit charitable organization that acquires, preserves and manages land for future generations which 25% is made available for the development of viable communities. TerraVie is a qualified recipient for an ecological gift, certified by the Minister of the Environment.
TerraVie is devoted to scrupulously managing the land at their disposition in conformity with its charter and principles. TerraVie is committed to preserve its objectives, irrespective of the socioeconomic or political context.
This initiative is based on the principle that land is not a commodity, but a fundamental resource to be maintained for the community as a whole.
Although land trusts are established for similar reasons, TerraVie is different in that its purpose also includes the development of viable ecological communities.
It acts as a local sustainable environmentaly conscious stimulator while informing the people about the various aspects of a lifestyle in harmony with natural principles. It emphasizes the development of communities which minimize our exploitation or land speculation.
In Laurentides at Montcalm, TerraVie purchased the September 5th 2006, a 268 acres land with lake (40 acres) and two downstreams rapid.
25% of the land is dedicated to human activities such as workshops in eco-construction, permaculture and botany. There will also be cottages in the forest and a residential part for the workers on site.
The board and members of TerraVie are working towards the creation of a legal structure to facilitate the establishment of community land trusts (CLT) and ecovillages throughout Quebec, and the research studies that stem from this project will be made available to the general public.