Valterra Village eCohousing

Do you value a life rich in community without stripping our planet of its resources?

At Valterra Village, we are creating a cohousing community on a rural property in the town of Qualicum Beach on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The parcel is located within a 250-acre greenbelt where less than 30 acres are slated for future development. The cohousing community plan consists of 32 to 40 individual homes and a common house all within a 35-minute walk of downtown Qualicum Beach, most of it through parkland. Fundamental principles of the community will emphasize sustainability, food production, and low-impact environmentally-friendly buildings and lifestyle.

To build an intentional community that meets the social and private needs of all ages with a low ecological footprint

Valterra Village Ecohousing in Qualicum Beach is committed to building a multi-generational development using green building technology. This development would take the form of cohousing with a typical pedestrian-friendly, clustered development with extensive common facilities resulting in smaller individual homes. The clustered residences with private backyards would be surrounded by spacious common walkways, gardens, and landscaping, all on 5 ½ acres.

To extend the options for the community, an additional 13 acres of agricultural land could be used for organic food production in gardens, orchards, and greenhouses as an integral part of ecohousing. A sustainably harvested woodlot could be established on a further 13 acres of forested land. This land base may create opportunities for residents through a market garden and value added wood products.