Whole Village

Whole Village is located on two hundred acres near Orangeville, Ontario. Most of the members live on the farm in Greenhaven, our new ecoresidence. Whole Village members pledge
• to operate a biodynamic farm as an integral part of the community;
• to achieve these goals consistent with principles of sustainable land stewardship.
We are an ecologically sustainable and environmentally sensitive community. We protect and enhance the natural habitat through a system of land stewardship embracing the unique geographical, historical, cultural, and biological attributes of the land.
Whole Village is intended to be a solution for two difficult problems: the steady loss of farmland to urbanization and the devastating effects of low commodity prices on farmers and the rural communities that they belong to. Through a comprehensive conservation easement, all of the WV property, except for the compact housing cluster, is preserved for 999 years as farmland, managed forest, or natural areas. Each member is included in the community supported agriculture venture, where the farmers growing food for WV on the land are guaranteed a living wage and the respect and support they deserve.